Drawing, clay modeling, marble carving, mosaics and bronze casting

Jill Burkee at her drafting table.
Jill Burkee in her New York City studio.
Drawing of the winning proposal for Mother Cabrini Memorial.
Working on the clay model of Cabrini.
Working on the clay relief.
Working on the maquette of the Cabrini Monument.
Retouching a wax relief.
Father Paul Henry in Jill Burkee's studio.
In her studio with a client in Pietrasanta, Italy.
Jill Burkee portraying Mertie Buckman, a philanthropist from Memphis, TN.
Portraying Mertie Buckman, a benefactor from Memphis, TN.
Jill Burkee creating clay model of "On Spanish Steps".
Creating clay model of "On Spanish Steps".
Jill Burkee checking her patina on bronze reliefs
Working on the patina of three bronze panels.
Jill Burkee modeling her clay sculpture "On Spanish Steps".
Finishing clay model "On Spanish Steps".
Jill Burkee carving her Carrara marble sculpture "Fall".
Carving "Fall", Carrara marble.
Jill Burkee carving "Summer", white marble.
Carving "Summer", Carrara marble.
Showing the work in progress to a client.
Travertino marble spandrel for the Mother of Africa Chapel in Jill Burkee's studio.
Marble spandrel for Washington, DC.
Master carver, Jill Burkee teaching marble sculpture at the Art Students League, NY
Teaching marble sculpture at the Art Students League of New York City.
Working on the Good Shepherd mosaic in Ravenna, Italy.