Public Bronze Projects Selection created by Artist Team: Jill Burkee and Giancarlo Biagi

Mother Cabrini and two immigrant children.
Facing the Statue of Liberty with The Empire State Building on the background.
Mother Cabrini on installation day, October 12, 2020, at Battery Park in NYC.
Details of the bronze relief installed around the base of Mother Cabrini Memorial.
Bronze details of Cabrini's life achievements around the base in Battery Park City.
Internal bronze portal with names of donors.
Portal of Mary by Jill Burkee
Portal of Mary, bronze, permanently installed in Orlando, FL.
Internal bronze portal with names of donors.
Details of bronze portals permanently installed in Orlando, FL.
Angel of Music by Jill Burkee Giancarlo Biagi, bronze, at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
Spirit of Gottschalk permanently installed in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.
American Flag, polychrome bronze, depicting the American History, permanently installed at the Denver Human Services Center, CO.
Section of a stripe of the American History on the Flag before the polychrome.
Twelve 3-foot diameter bronze Chinese Zodiacal signs permanently installed around the parapet of the Chinatown Gateway Building in Honolulu, WI.